Clapper Holiday Bucket List

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year and what better thing to do this season than a Holiday Bucket List. As fun as it is, the holiday season can be overwhelming and it’s so easy to let it pass you by. Don’t get swept up this year! Whatever you celebrate this December, we’ve got 20 fun tasks so you can make sure you savor the season. Share your holiday must-do’s or show yourself knocking some of these off the list on Clapper using #HolidayBucketList.

Feel Good Fun 🥰📦

  • Have a clean-out! Take a little time to go through a room or two and make space for some new items. What do you no longer want? What don’t you use anymore?
  • Donate something. Now that you’ve cleaned up everything, you’ve probably got some goodies you won’t need again. Give the (still in good condition) ones to shelters, resell stores or people who might need them!
  • Make a care package. Whether you send it to a child in need, a soldier, or one of your loved ones, a little love will really brighten someone’s day.
  • Have a movie marathon. Gather your favorite holiday movies and tear through all of them in a day. If you want to make it extra cozy, add a cup of hot cocoa and at least two warm blankets (one for comfort and another as a treat).
  • Buy from a Clapper shop. Check out the Holiday Bazaar December 5th-9th. We’ll be featuring small businesses, and entertainers, and hosting a live auction to benefit the North Texas Food Bank. You can learn more here!

Warm and Cozy 🍜🧥

  • Make some soup. It’s the season for chilis, crockpots, and hearty stews, so take advantage and try a few new recipes.
  • Look at the lights. If you live in a big city with a light display somewhere, we recommend taking a trip to check them out. If that’s a bit far or not available, you can also drive around a few neighborhoods or look in your downtown!
  • Bake cookies. Is there anything better on a winter’s day than a nice, warm cookie?
  • Make a cozy playlist. The possibilities are endless! Line up Christmas classics, test out a new genre or queue up podcast episodes. However you do it, take some time to build the ultimate holiday soundtrack.
  • Mull some wine! It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s spiked, and in my opinion, there’s no better holiday beverage. Not into wine? Try making your own eggnog instead.
  • Make a vision board. The new year is fast approaching, and for some of you, it might already be here! Gather some magazines or scroll through Pinterest and create a vision board for the coming year.
  • Have a bonfire. Or a fire in your fireplace if you aren’t in the country. And, if you have neither, pull up an ambient video on YouTube for a much less messy vibe.
  • Find a new favorite candle scent. Because you’ve smelled pine, but have you smelled chestnut and rose and mulling spices? Or a caramel-iced gingerbread cookie? Get to perusing!

“Vacation” Time 🚗🌲

  • Camp out in the living room. Put on your coziest socks and bust out the heated blanket. You can talk all night, tell stories, or get caught up on a TV show– it’s up to you. If you’re feeling extra festive, make a blanket fort!
  • Stay in a hotel with an indoor pool. There’s nothing more luxurious than looking at a grey sky while you swim in a hot tub. It’s the peak of fancy living.
  • Call your friends. Even if you only talk for a couple minutes, check-in and see how everyone’s doing at the end of the year.
  • Take a walk. If you have snow or rain, definitely take some time to play in it! Even though most of us won’t, it doesn’t hurt to savor the seasonal breeze for a little while.

Be A Social Butterfly ❄️📱

  • Make a new friend via profile tags. Take advantage of our newest update and look through the people with similar tags and interests. Follow or message the people you’d like to get to know!
  • Start a holiday book club. Get with a friend and trade books you love, or pick up a new one and read it together. Chase away those winter blues with a good read and better conversation!
  • Join the Holiday Stream to earn up to a 20% bonus on all your diamonds through December 31st. Have some fun, make some new friends, and get a little extra cash while you do it. You can even take your viewers along for one of the other events on this list!

Happy Holidays from the Clapper team! We can’t wait to celebrate with you.