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One of Clapper’s primary goals in our creator interactions is to be transparent. We value our creators and the content they make, and we want them to succeed on and off the app. Part of that – a huge part – is clearly communicating our verification process. It can be tricky and downright mysterious on other apps. So we’re pulling back the curtain on our process and sharing everything you need to know about Clapper’s verification process.

What is Verification? 🤔

Verification is a way to recognize a creator’s skills, contributions, or the work they’ve put into to building their community. Verification can also be used to show that this account really does belong to the person it’s for. Like Beyonce: all of her profiles are verified, proving that they really do belong to her. It helps fans trust these accounts and find their favorite artists.

But how do you know if an account is verified? Easy! It’s the blue check you see next to a creator’s username, or the grey box and description you see above their bio.

Verification on Clapper 🧡

There are two levels of verification on Clapper: Creator and Blue Check. We’ll go through the requirements for each one below!

Creator Verification 🪪

Creator Verification is the first level of verification on Clapper. This highlights what type of content you create on Clapper and is something you decide on your own. To apply for Creator Verification, you will need:

  • at least 3k followers
  • at least 1 video over 3k views
  • at least 7 videos created in the last 30 days

To submit this application, you’ll go to your Creator Space in your profile. Under the “Support” heading, there will be a “My Verification” section. Click it to be taken to your verification application. This application will show the requirements for verification and check off the ones you’ve completed. When you’ve accomplished all three requirements, the “Apply” button will light up and you’ll be free to apply for verification.

A screenshot from the app with the requirements for Creator Verification.

The Application

There are 3 steps to the Creator Verification application.

  1. Identity. You’ll fill in your Clapper username, as well as your first and last name.
  2. Category. You’ll select your verification field (or the kind of content you create) and enter 2 or 3 keywords to describe your place in that field. Think of the field like your community, and the keywords like your niche: one will be general, and the other can be more specific.
  3. Supporting Documents. You’ll be asked to upload 1-6 relevant to your verification field. We’ll touch more on these in a minute!

While we ask you to describe your field and the kind of content you create, the Clapper Team may choose a different description for your verified account. This is only to make sure you’re getting the most accurate description and verification possible.

What Do You Look for in My Application?

We’ll mostly look at your profile and content during the application process. Below are the specific points of interest we’ll target:

  1. Username. Hate speech and other insulting words are not allowed.
  2. Profile Photo. This does not have to be a picture of you. While we do recommend making your profile picture one of you, this can be anything. So long as there’s no pornography, drug involvement, or underage photos, you’re good to go.
  3. Bio. We’ll read this to ensure you aren’t including any illegal URLs, hate speech, or other content that might violate our community guidelines.
  4. Originality and Quality. We want original content on Clapper! The content you’ve made needs to be unique and relevant to the field you want to be verified in. And no watermarks: do not just repost your content from another platform.
  5. Supporting Documents.
Supporting Documents

For this application, you will be asked to submit some kind of supporting documentation. This is to prove your identity and prove that you do have experience in your field. This can be…

  • a photocopy of your ID
  • an employer letter
  • a business card
  • a vocational certificate
  • award or medal

You’ll upload a picture of this document when you submit your application. Be sure the picture is clear and easy to see! After you submit your application, it will take 3-7 days for you to hear back about your verification.

Blue Check Verification ✅

To apply for Blue Check Verification, you will need:

  • at least 30k followers
  • at least 10 videos in 30 days
  • at least 5k average video views in the last 30 days
  • be continuously creating original and high-quality videos
  • to already have your Creator Verification. You cannot skip Creator Verification and go to Blue Check.

To submit this application, you’ll go to your Creator Space in your profile. Under the “Support” heading, there will be a “My Verification” section. Click it to be taken to your verification application. In order to achieve your Blue Check, you must already have your Creator Verification.

After you submit your application, it will take 3-7 days for you to hear back about your verification.

Celebrities 🌟

While we love when celebrities go through the same verification process as everyone else, there are some extra security precautions we need to take! For security purposes, we will work with a celebrity to verify their account so our creators can know they’re the real deal.  Clapper retains complete control and final say in who is granted a Blue Check.

Exceptions 🏅

There are some exceptions to these requirements. Creators who have made special contributions to the community will be verified as an exception. Clapper has the final right to make interpretations.

What If I’m Not Verified? ❌

You’ll receive a notification from our system and can apply again in 30 days. Keep in mind that just because you apply for verification doesn’t mean you’ll automatically receive it.

You Could Revise Your Content 📝

Some creators will receive a notification to revise and resubmit their applications. This is a good thing! This means the team sees you have the potential to be verified and recognizes the work you’ve put in…but they need some additional information. Once you receive this notification, you’ll have 3 days to revise and resubmit.

Other Helpful Info 🔗

If your questions weren’t answered in this article, our FAQ should do the trick. You can also check out this video posted by ClapperAcademy!

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