10 Video Prompts For You

Coming up with constant ideas for content can be just as draining as creating content. Maybe you fall into a rut and aren’t sure what else to do: maybe you’re looking to branch out but can’t decide where to turn. Scrolling through your explore page or exploring new communities can be a great boost of motivation. But even that well runs dry eventually, and how much time to busy creators really have to seek out these ideas? That’s why the Clapper team has put together a list of 10 video prompts for you to use!

Cook or Bake Something With Us

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to know when a recipe is worth making – or to film yourself making it! Find a recipe that you love, set up a camera, and record the process. This can be a tutorial where you show us how to make one of your favorite things, or just a fun video of you trying something for the first time. Remember that the recipe doesn’t have to be grand: a simple dip will be just as fun as a slow roasted brisket!

Try a (simple) DIY

There are DIYs for everything now, so take advantage. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to work on for a while or some home improvement that needs doing, take us along for the journey. Just like the cooking video, set up a camera and film yourself trying to create this thing. You can pick something tricky, like retiling your entire bathroom, or something easy, like making storage out of mason jars. The real point is to try something new, share the experience with your followers, and let them see a whole new side of you.

A “Favorites” Video

This video will really help followers new and old get to know you – and it’s super easy! You make a list of your favorite things (favorite movie, favorite vacation spot, favorite passtime, etc) and record a video of you explaining why you like these things. You can make a small list of five or so and do all of them at once, or spread them out over a couple of posts! If you’re someone that can’t pick a favorite band, make a whole video talking about the ones you like the best. Not only will you reach new viewers who also love the same things, but it lets you share more that you’re really passionate about.

Behind the Scenes Time Lapse

We’ve said it before, but people love to watch other people work on things. The same concept is true for the first 2 prompts. So when you’re working on a larger project (or literally sitting down to work) record a time lapse to get the full thing. You can film your whole day and make it a “Day in the Life”, or just a snippet of what you get done. Let us see a little more of what you do away from the camera! If you’re a crafter or builder, this is definitely recommended. It’s so fun to watch a woodworker create something without having to watch the entire build second by second.

Respond to the Question of the Day

@ClapperCreator regularly posts questions for creators to Clapback. Some of them are centered around social media and content creation, but others are more casual, like telling us your favorite color. They’re designed to be quick sparks of inspiration and motivation each week. If you aren’t sure what to film one day, check to see if there’s been a new Question of the Day you can answer!

Complete a Challenge

Whether you look in-app or elsewhere, there are tons of challenges you can compete. Even searching up #challenge will bring up some new ones to be part of. And if you’re looking for something to add into your regular content, challenges are a great inclusion! Some of them will have multiple parts and be flexible on the timeline, leaving you to work on it as you feel like.

But what if you’ve already looked and can’t find something interesting? Easy – create your own! Think of some video ideas (or general ideas) that would be challenging for you. Maybe you ask a stranger to help you film a video or give yourself a huge constraint you normally don’t have. Find something that would push you outside of your comfort zone and film that. You may just inspire other creators to do the same.

Film a Reaction or Review

Just saw a movie you need to talk about? Found a fun video on your FYP that you want to share with your audience? Trying a new snack for the first time? Press record and let us know your thoughts! Tell us what you like, don’t like, or what you’d like to see done differently. Videos like this feel so personal and are a natural conversation starter.

Tell Us a Story

You’ve probably got a few tearjerkers or kneeslappers lying around, so whip one out. Record yourself telling us an interesting, sad, or hilarious story and don’t scrimp on the details. Storytimes are always a little suspenseful and are another really good way to help your audience learn more about you. And they draw in a whole bunch of new people who will see your personality shine through right away!

Share Your Social Media Insights

Even if you haven’t been creating content for long, you probably have a few! Make a video sharing some of your advice for social media. This can be something you’ve observed as a viewer, recent trends or shifts you’ve noticed as a whole, or even your own hard learned lessons and best practices. And these insights don’t have to be huge. Even the smallest tip can help someone become a better creator, so don’t hold back! Just make sure that you’re being respectful and kind.

Create and Share Your Bucket List

If you haven’t already, make a bucket list of things you’d like to do before…well, traditionally before you die, but it can be for any amount of time you choose. What are some goals you’d like to meet, places you’d like to go? Get a list going and share some of them with us. Why do you want to do that thing? Do you see any opportunities to check something off coming up? In discussing one of these, you may find a new topic that you want to create content about.

One of our favorite things about prompt lists (as content creators ourselves) aren’t necessarily the ideas list. We love the ideas that creators get after they read these lists. While these 10 ideas are great on their own, we know that you’ve gotten an extra idea from at least one of them. You may have decided you want to start tackling your bucket list now, or that you want to learn how to bake and take us with you. That’s fantastic! If inspiration has struck but it doesn’t fit the perimeters listed, still follow it. Whatever gets you excited about creating is what you should be exploring.

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