You’re Invited to Clappy Hour!

Celebrate sending the kids back to school or jump start the weekend with Clappy Hour! For the month of August, creators will be going Live to connect and kick back. Let’s dive into this brand new campaign and how you can get involved!

When is Clappy Hour?

The official Clappy Hour is every Wednesday, from 4-7pm your time. Our partnered Livestream creators will be going Live during that time, so you’re guaranteed to have a good time and feel welcomed in. Check @ClapperCreator every Monday to see who will be going Live and what they’ll be talking about.

But any hour can be Clappy Hour! If you’ve got something you want to celebrate or friends you want to catch up with, start your own #ClappyHour Live.

Don’t Forget Multi Live!

Never be bored or lonely again with Clapper Multi Live. Invite up to 8 other creators to join your Livestream and take Clappy Hour to the next level. Grab some of your high school besties or challenge your favorite creators to a karaoke competition. The options are endless.

What Should We Talk About?

You can join our partnered Livestreamers each Wednesday at 4pm for a variety of conversations and activities. To see what they’ll be up to and who will be going Live be sure to check out the @ClapperCreator page every Monday. This campaign is the perfect opportunity to kick back and connect with someone new.

But if you’re feeling the spirit of the event and want to host your own Clappy Hour shindig, there’s a lot you can do! We know most of our users are gearing up to send their kids back to school. Whether you go Live with your crew or kick it solo, we’d love to hear your parenting advice or why you’re excited to send those little devils – ah, we mean delights – back to school.

If you’re starting to reminisce on summer and turn your sights to fall, bring us along for the journey. Tell us what your favorite parts of summer were, walk us through your bucket list, or continue some of the festivities with us. A bonfire Live sounds exciting to us!

Or start a little friendly competition. Challenge your friends and viewers to a poetry battle, a joke-off, or a trivia night. Start a Multi Live to really amp up the fun and get everyone’s communities having fun together!

Partner Creators

We’ve partnered with some incredible creators to bring exciting, one of a kind Livestreams to the Clappy Hour. Keep reading to meet these creators and learn more about their Clappy Hour streams.

Marcodelia – Self-Care Matters at Wednesday, Aug 30th 2:30pm CST / 9:30pm Italian Time

Join Marco as he hosts a conversation about self care and beauty, covering topics like fragrances, hair care, skin care, and focusing on the importance of taking care of yourself even for your inner growth.

Remingtonsings – Karaoke and Cocktails at Wednesday, Aug 30 at 5pm CST

Release your inhibitions and belt your favorite karaoke tune with Remingtonsings!

lukedulac – Cyr Wheel Performance at Wednesday, August 30th 6pm CST

Watch Luke acrobatically spin to your favorite cocktail tunes!

BrianBToe – Cooking, Dancing, Singing at Wednesday, Aug 30th, 7pm CST

Get into the #ClappyHour mood with Brian as he whips up some delicious meals while dancing.

Other Helpful Info

Be sure to use the hashtags #ClappyHour and #ClapperHappyHour to let the community know when you’ll be going Live. Or to find out when other creators will be going Live, so you can drop in. If you want to brush up on your Livestream skills beforehand check out our Multi Live 101 and our content ideas for Livestreams.