Do’s and Don’ts for Clapper Creators

There’s no right or wrong way to get your start on social media. But we’ve been a ton of creators start their journey and we know there are some better ways to begin. Especially on Clapper, where the rules and algorithms are a little different. In this article, we’ll take you through the do’s and don’ts of posting on Clapper.

Do Post Original Content

On Clapper we value authenticity and connection. We want to get to know you and see content that represents who you are. Whether you want to share some projects you’re working on, talk about your favorite movies, or just post about your day, share it with the Clapper community. We want to see (and celebrate) what makes you unique!

Don’t Repost Someone Else’s Content

Like we said, we value authentic content. Do not repost content from another account as your own. This is stolen content, which is not allowed on Clapper. Not only that, but it keeps you from connecting with and getting to know the rest of the community.

Do Share Old Videos

All of your videos don’t have to be 100% original to Clapper. If you’ve been making content for a while or have videos you’re proud of from other platforms, you can definitely share them! It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and get to know the community. It also allows you to consistently post content while you might be developing your own posting schedule.

Don’t Use Watermarks

Our equal opportunity algorithm doesn’t push content with watermarks to the FYP. It’s common for our newer creators to reshare content from their other accounts, and they often include a watermark from another social platform. Those videos are not pushed out, so they might not get as many views as they could. Similarly, creators with their own watermarks find that their videos don’t perform as well as they expected. When you start posting on Clapper, be sure to remove any watermarks from your videos.

Do Engage With the Community

A hallmark of success for a lot of creators (on any platform) is engagement. It’s especially important on Clapper! Growth on the app is all about connecting with other creators, in your community or otherwise. Go into Lives and Radios and join a conversation. Follow creators in your niche and get to know people in and out of your community.

Don’t Just Post Videos

Like we said, a big part of growth on Clapper is getting involved in the community. If you just post content, it will likely take longer for your account to grow. As you post, take some time to dive into the community and build connections with people. This can be commenting on videos, joining Group chats, going to a few Lives – however you want to engage! But engagement is a big part of success on Clapper, and thee more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Post When Works Best for You

Since Clapper uses an equal opportunity algorithm, there’s no need to worry about posting at a certain time or every day. Find when works best for you! If that’s every day, wonderful! If you can only post every other day, that works too. The main thing is that you figure out what schedule will make creating content the most fun and the easiest for you.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

It can be easy to plan and post a ton of content right when you start creating. You’re excited and want to do as much as you can – and you want to maximize your time as a new creator and get as many followers as you can! But if you do too much too fast, you’ll likely burn out or get so overwhelmed you just stop. Ease into posting: set a few easy to reach goals and build from there. If filming and posting a video every day is easy and you want to do more, then you can add more on.  Figure out what you can handle before you over-promise.

Do Go Live

You can go Live as soon as you join Clapper. On most other apps, you have to wait to meet a certain criteria or threshold, but we want you to start building connections as soon as you can. And Livestreams are the perfect way to do that! You’ll reach your audience in a whole new way and show them a different side of you. Plus, you’ll find people that may not have seen you videos otherwise! Sometimes FYPs are so saturated in content that going Live is a better way to broaden your reach.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get to Know People

Sometimes joining a community (virtually or in-person) is terrifying. “What if no one likes me? What if they don’t want me there?” But the Clapper community wants you to join the fun! Our creators love getting to know each other and aren’t afraid to roll out the welcome wagon for new creators. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or join a conversation. And be sure to introduce yourself! Creating an intro video is a great way to say hello to the community and get to know the other creators.

Do Review the Community Guidelines

We strive to be transparent and honest with our creators, which is why we created a series breaking down our Community Guidelines into easy to digest (and much easier to read) articles. You can review them here!

We know that you have every intent of following them and likely won’t break one, but it never hurts to read and see what you can and can’t do. Since we’re a 17+ community, our guidelines are a little more lax than other apps. Some creators think that means they can get away with anything, but you’ll see that’s not the case. Take a second to look over the rules before you find yourself in unexpected trouble!

For those of you just starting your Clapper journey, check out our New to Clapper Starter Kit. These two guides will give you everything you need to get the most out of your Clapper account. And for more Clapper tips and tricks, follow @ClapperAcademy.