Clapper Radios: Bigger, Better, and Unrestricted

Clapper’s most unique feature just went through it’s biggest makeover yet. Clapper Radios have always been a great way to connect with your community in a much more personal, real-time format. Now we’ve expanded them, so you can chat with your long-time followers and meet new ones.

That’s right: Radios are public again! Well, they can be public again! Let’s dive into Clapper Radios and the most exciting changes in our new update.

What’s New? 🎙️

There’s a lot of new things hitting Clapper Radios, so we’ll break it down and cover each one.

Radios on the FYP ✅

You read that right! Radios can now be found on the FYP!

Choose Who Listens ✅

When you start a Radio, you can now select whether your Radio is public or for followers only. And if you change your mind during the Radio, you’re able to update it in the settings tab. You can also go DND in your Radios, meaning no one else can join them. 🎉

Overhear First ✅

Every time you enter a Radio, you’ll be given the chance to overhear before you officially join. You can listen for up to one minute before you automatically join. If you decide whether you want to go before the time’s up, you can either leave the Radio or join right then.

Listener Count ✅

With these new upgrades, you can now see the total number of people in your Radio. You’re also able to see how many people are overhearing, which can help you figure out when to amp up the energy and draw new listeners in!

Hide Listener List ✅

If you’re easily distracted or have a little stage-fright, you can hide the list of listeners. It’s a lot easier to relax and host if you’re not constantly watching icons change around.

Light or Dark Mode? ✅

You can change the display settings in your Radio to either light (white background) or dark (the classic Clapper background). This doesn’t display for anyone else, but just makes it easier on your eyes.

Host Icons ✅

When scrolling through Radios on your FYP, you’ll be able to see up to four of the speakers’ icons. This way you don’t have to scroll by the same Radio three or four times: you’ll see it and the hosts just once!

Check out our official release video for a visual run-through of everything you can do now. And if you need a Radio refresh, we’ve got our Radios 101 and some engaging topics for your next Radio. Don’t forget @ClapperAcademy shares a ton of tutorials on our features; take a second to look through their Clapper Radio tutorials.