Hispanic Heritage Month Recap

Hispanic Heritage Month has come to an end, and we’re so sad to see it go!

We’re so glad we got the chance to honor our Hispanic community and connect with them this past month. If you missed any of the festivities or want to learn about our incredible partner creators, keep reading!

Lotería and Our Fiesta 🪩

To kick off and close out Hispanic Heritage Month, we hosted two Multi Live events. The first was a Lotería night with eight incredible creators. You can check out our custom Lotería cards here, and we want to give another huge congrats to our winners:




The fiesta was the perfect way to spend a Friday night. We got to chat with some of our new favorite creators, hear an exclusive musical performance from @EvanEgerer and finish out Hispanic Heritage Month with an incredible celebration.

Our Partnered Creators 🫶

We’re so lucky to have such a diverse, dedicated Hispanic community on Clapper. There were so many incredible creators we wanted to go Live with, but we could only choose two.

@Danielrenemusic serenaded the Clapper team and @lupitaMartinez69740435 brought us into her fitness studio and gave our team a Zumba lesson! All of us (even the team members lurking in the chat) had such a fun time. Thank you again to @Danielrenemusic and @lupitaMartinez69740435 for taking the time to join us.

Clapper Talks Panels 🎙️

We hosted two special Clapper Talks interviews this month, highlighting Hispanic creators from all across the app. We talked about their favorite memories with their families, their Hispanic heritage, and how we could uplift Hispanic voices on the app. But our favorite questions were why they were proud to be Hispanic and what their favorite thing about being Hispanic was. We got some incredible answers that we had to share!

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being Hispanic?

“My most favorite thing about being Mexican-American is that we focus on community and family. It is always family over everything. For me it’s not just a bloodline, but it’s whoever is in the community. Being Latina is all about community, which is all about love, which is all about heart.” – @AriMedrano

“I was adopted when I was younger, so my favorite thing was meeting my birth mother and engrossing myself in the culture.” – @LdSweetZs

“Our roots and traditions, our food, our customs, everything that is Hispanic makes me proud to be Latina. I’m grateful for being here, for being given this opportunity, as well as giving this opportunity to other Latino creatives.”- @Celiacruz1

“I’m proud of being Latina. I love dance, I love our food, I love sharing our beautiful culture, I love getting to know other Hispanic cultures. I’m very grateful for this platform, too. It’s given us the opportunity to voice ourselves and give, and I’m just so grateful for that.” – @lupitaMartinez69740435

Why Are You Proud to be Hispanic?

“One of the things I’ve always been proud of is not losing my roots. A lot of people, especially US born with Hispanic heritage, lose the culture and grow up very American-ized. I’m very happy and proud that I’ve been able to maintain my roots, so I never forget where I came from and to keep that love for my people.” – @PabloAntonioZelaya

“I am so proud of Hispanic food, but I’m also proud of the bravery of Hispanic people. What my grandma went through as a child in Honduras and knowing how she rose out of the ashes of extreme poverty and scraping enough money to send my mom to the United States…it blows my mind. I have a daughter and I don’t know if I could do that. ” – @EvanEgerer

Piñata Livestream Gift 🪅

Thank you to everyone who made our piñata Livestream gift a huge success! We had such a blast using it in our own Lives and seeing it in your own. Y’all enjoyed the piñata so much that we decided to keep it around! We’ll be making some updates to the piñata, but you can continue playing the piñata Livestream game even if Hispanic Heritage Month has come to an end.

How Did the Team Celebrate? 🎊

The Livestreams and Radios played a very important part in our Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, but one of our team members had an extra surprise for us…