Clapper Talks: Introducing Our New Official Account 🗣

A new official Clapper account has been created to bring our team and the creators closer together. Clapper Talks was created as an opportunity for the team to really get involved with the community. We will be participating in community challenges, trends, and campaigns. Additionally, this account is meant to be your friend, your confidant, and your partner as you discover and grow your brand. Now, let us explain to you what can you expect from this account. We’ll go further in on the content, the schedule, and the special events Clapper Talks will bring to the table.

What differentiates @ClapperTalks From @ClapperAcademy and @ClapperCreator?

Clapper speaks

Our Schedule🗓

We are using all of the tools available at Clapper, to make sure we are leading by example and encouraging creators to immerse in all aspects of content creation. Essentially, we will post content videos, host lives, and radio shows. We will vary the topics and ideas we will be highlighting, but this is a general schedule of what you can expect every week:

Content Videos

We will post three times a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Mondays, we will keep it fun and light. Because of this, we’ll post challenges, talk about a trending topic, open letters or gifts on our PO Box, or make special announcements. It all depends on what is going on that week. On Wednesday, each week we will clapback an interesting video from a creator and either shout out its content or join the conversation. Finally, on Fridays, we will have “weekly recaps”. Here, we will compile many videos of us at the office during the week. A behind-the-scenes, if you will. We will show us working on projects, editing, and having fun in the office.


For livestreams, we are going live on Wednesdays at 2pm Central Time. Each week, a different member of the clapper team will talk about their department during their lives. This is a chance for you all to get a better understanding of each team member as an individual and for us to have more personal conversations with you.

Radio Shows: Clapper Talks & Clapper Interviews

Clapper Talks: In this radio show, you guessed right, Clapper “talks” with the community about a variety of topics and trends at the end of each month. Additionally, we will invite special guests and have constructive conversations about their community or what they do. This month of September, our Clapper Talks Radio Show will be on Monday, 27th at 6pm Central Time.

Clapper Interviews: This radio will be host by yours truly, with the help of the Clapper team. Probably, you already know our popular Deep Dive Series. This show will broadcast the interviews for those deep dives live on Fridays. By attending these interviews, you will have access to the live Q&A and even witness bonus questions that won’t be in the article. The first interview will take place this week with the amazing @Red8Actual. We will deep dive into his life, content, and opinions. Tune in this Friday at 6pm Central Time.

We hope you enjoy our new account and remember to provide all the feedback you have on our first month of Clapper Talks!