Holiday Bazaar: The Recap

Our most anticipated event of the season has come to an end. The Holiday Bazaar was an online shopping event hosted by 3rd Rock Media and Clapper where we had a variety of Clapper small businesses live-streaming on their Clapper Shop for three days. We were absolutely amazed by the talent and commitment of our vendors, as well as by the entertainers for putting on the best half-time shows we could ever ask for. This event happened from December 13th to December 15th. The bazaar went on from 4pm to 7pm CT, and then 3rdRock Media held a virtual auction from 7pm to 8pm CT.

Helping Our Local Community

Even though this event was created to support our creators and their online shops, we decided we wanted to go a step further and extend our help to our local charity, The Dallas Children Advocacy Center. The DCAC is an organization that helps children who have been victims of abuse and violence. Their campaign, Holiday of Hope, aims to give presents and holiday cheer to the children of DCAC during Christmas. We decided to give 10% of the Holiday Bazaar earnings and 95% of the auctions earnings to this organization.

Our Vendors and Entertainers

We had 17 Vendors live-streaming simultaneously throughout the 3 days and 12 entertainers PK battling @ClapperCreator’s account while they gave incredible performances. We had game shows, singing, dancing battles, and even DJ concerts. As for the vendors, we divided them into four categories: home decor, handcrafted, clothing/personal care, and art. For a more in-depth look into the items that were sold, check out the Holiday Bazaar’s Catalog. Regardless, here is a list of our amazing Vendors and our official schedule for our entertainers:

  1. @3Dawesomeness
  2. @Anothertattooedblonde
  3. @DJbatman
  4. @T_TownGirl
  5. @Onthewingofadragonfly
  6. @Elena_Kirsch
  7. @Trezyure
  8. @Wheelsovermatter
  9. @BourneCraftingNSmithing
  10. @Byrdnestgifts * will not be on live Tuesday*
  11. @Hammerdeepforge
  12. @JuniperJenn
  13. @Wahtie_woodturning
  14. @Wendigotreasurechest
  15. @KaseyRay_adams
  16. @Jdubsarts
  17. @KeramikSLU

The Auction

We had a 3-day-auction from 7pm to 8pm CT. We auctioned some of the items the vendors donated and some virtual tools for creators to improve as content creators. Some of the virtual items included a social media strategy meeting with 3rd Rock Media or with Clapper, deep dives on their Clapper account, and so much more.

These were the amazing host for the three nights:




The Final Donation

Our creators really had an opportunity to grow and experience virtual commerce at its finest. However, it ultimately all comes down to helping the children. Our virtual charity auction, Livestream gifts, and 10% of the bazaar’s profits came to a total of $2411.66. However, @Bigoletexan decided to donate some of the profits for his shows that week and made a generous donation of $1200. Talk about go big or go home, amiright?

Officially the Holiday Bazaar raised $3611.66. This amount that will be donated to DCAC in it entirety.

Recap Video

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