The Songwriter Circle: A @ClapperSounds Radio

Clapper Sounds is the newest account and blog segment on Clapper. This new initiative is meant to cultivate the music community on Clapper and highlight the hidden talents within the app. With this mission in mind, we decided to create The Songwriter Circle.

What is The Songwriter Circle?

The Songwriter Circle is a radio show where artists have an open discussion about their original music. Two artists will each bring one original song into the Circle and discuss it with each other. The idea is to go in-depth about the writing process, the themes, lyrics, and melody of each song presented in the circle. So, our goal is to highlight the songwriters of Clapper and their original music in a more intimate, detailed way. Music is not only sounds and melody but also feelings and messages being portrayed to the world. We want to explore what those are for Clapper creators.

The Radio Structure

Firstly, each Songwriter Circle will begin with introductions from the host, @ClapperSounds, and the two special guests. After this, the first artist will perform their song of choice to discuss that day. We are only allowing original music in The Songwriter Circle. After the performance, the second artist will give their thoughts and feedback, as well as prepared questions about the song’s structure, melody, theme, or lyrics.

The discussions are meant to be organic and honest. However, we do encourage that any criticism comes from a place of respect and kindness. Next, it will be the second artist’s turn to perform a song of their choice and get feedback from the first performer. In between discussions and sections, the host and moderator will also interact and bring important questions to one or both artists about their music.

How To Be A Part Of “The Songwriter Circle”?

If you want to present your original music in The Songwriter Circle you can apply here. Make sure you include an mp3 or mp4 file of the song you want to perform, a song title, and the themes you want to discuss. The Clapper Team can also select artists they find under the #ClapperSounds hashtag. So, the more you put your music out there, the bigger the chance to be discovered.

Our first episode of this radio will be in June. Stay tuned for more updates!

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