Let Us Introduce: Clapper Sounds

What is Clapper Sounds?🎶

Clapper Sounds is the official music account and blog segment of Clapper. The purpose of Clapper Sounds is to highlight independent artists and musicians through interviews featured on the Clapper Blog and live sessions through dual live. Our goal is to foster a positive and independent artist community, as well as to discover the new “sounds” of Clapper. Clapper sounds also aims to update the Clapper Community on new music features on the app.


  • The first part of the clapper sounds project will be interviewing Clapper artists. 
  • In this interview, we will talk about the artist’s life, their musical journey as well as their upcoming projects and goals.
  • All interviews will be exclusive to the blog. This means the interview will be private between us and the artist. Then, it will be available in written format on the day of the artist’s live performance.
  • This is an opportunity to get an inside look at the lives of Clapper musicians.

Live Sessions 🎙

Live Sessions are conducted through Clapper livestreams on Mondays at 5:00pm CST. During a live session, ClapperSounds will introduce the featured artist through dual live. After their brief intro, Clappersounds will leave the dual live and the artist will perform their set. Each artist will have an intimate 15-20 minute performance (about 3-5 songs) and will get to interact with the live audience. Feel free to send them gifts and encouraging messages.

If you miss a live session, @Clappersounds will upload a recorded version to all social media accounts. 

Who are we looking for?👀

We are looking for talented musicians, singers, and musical artists of ALL genres. We don’t mind cover songs, but we value original music and performances. Also, we will be scouting through #ClapperSounds and #ClapperMusic hashtags to view all the talent on Clapper! Things we look for include:

  • Innate Talent
  • Natural Live performer
  • Active Clapper User
  • Writing Original Songs (A plus)

Application Process📑

Part 1. Personal Information

On the application, an artist will be asked to provide their full name, artist name, email, Clapper Username, music genre, and links to social media accounts. 

Part 2. Video Submission

A video submission is also required for this application. It must be a video of the artist performing one original song (1-3 minutes). The video must be of good quality (good lighting, stable video, audible sound). This video is a step in assessing how well an artist can perform on Livestream, so feel free to get creative! 

Special Invitation💌

If an artist happens to be under the Clapper team radar, they can receive a special invitation to be featured on Clapper Sounds. If an artist has not been discovered yet by the Clapper Team, they can still apply through the application form which can be found on the link icon in our bio. 

Save the Date: First Live Session🎸

Our first live session will be on Monday, Feb. 28 at 5pm CT. Hope to see you all there.