Technical Reports 101

At Clapper, we’re always working to make the app better. That includes tech issues our creators may deal with – even on a small scale. We have a specific system for reporting such issues, and we check it diligently. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to submit a technical report and tell you what to include in your report.

A lot of other apps don’t have an easy way to report a glitch or problem you may be having. There’s not a way to DM the team or even submit a form: you have to live with it and hope that it’s fixed soon. But we encourage creators to let us know when something’s wrong, and we have two separate teams that work to resolve any tech issues you run into. Our community management team reports the issue and works with you to get all the necessary information: our technical team reviews the issue and finds solutions in the app.

What’s Worth a Report 📝

Short answer, anything that looks odd! But there’s a couple of categories that your reports could fall under:

  • Glitches or tech issues
  • Financial issues
  • Community guidelines violations

You submit a report the exact same no matter the issue.

Submitting a Report 📥

There are several ways that you can submit a technical report. Contrary to what you’d believe, you do not use the “report” button on a video. You’ll likely want to DM @ClapperCreator or @ClapperAcademy first. You can also reach out to the Clapper team on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at

No matter where you submit a report, you’ll want to include all the same information.

What to Include ✅

We want your tech issues to be resolved as quickly as possible, so we recommend sending us some addition details.

  1. Include a summary of your problem. Please tell us exactly what happened and/or what the problem is.
  2. Include the time and date of your issue.  Most of the time, we know that you’ll be messaging us right when the issue occurs. But if the problem has been persisting for a while or you’re reaching out after the fact, please include when you first noticed the problem.
  3. Include any screenshots or recordings you have of the problem.  This will help us visual the issue and see exactly what is wrong.  We can still figure out what’s wrong and remedy it without them – it just speeds up the process!
  4. Include your username.  If you’re reaching out on our socials or emails, please very clearly state your username in the message.
  5. Include the version number.  Go into your settings and double check the version number on your app.  If you see your app needs to be updated, then try to update the app and see if it resolves the issue! You can still submit a report, but sometimes updating solves all the problems.  (Our technical team wouldn’t mind knowing that, either!)
  6. Include the operating system your phone runs on.  This will either be iOS (iPhone) or Android (just about any other phone on the market).

At the very least, our team will need a summary of the issue, how long it’s been going on, your username, and the operating system.  These are vital to solving the technical issue and not including them can really slow down the process. You can learn how to take a screenshot and find the version number in this tutorial.

The Process 🪜

Once you’ve submitted your report, a team member will review the issue and either offer a solution or submit it to our technical team.  Our technical team will look into the report, review the provided information and perform some techno-wizardry on their end.  Once they figure out the solution, they’ll let our community management team know, who will update you on how to fix your issue.

Most of the time the technical team is able to fix things right away (and you may notice the change before we check in with you). There are some instances where the issue will be resolved with the next update, which we’ll communicate with you. If you see the technical issue has resolved itself during this process, please let us know!  This will help us with any similar issues, and we want to know that the app is running smoothly again.

Community Guidelines Report ⚠️

This process for this one is a little different. You submit your report and our team passes it along to either the technical team or our moderation team. They’ll review the report and provide take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Once there’s been action taken, we will let you know.

You can also submit a community guidelines violation by clicking the share arrow on the right. You’ll see the options to send the video, share it, report it, or save it. Click “Report” and you’ll be guided through the process of submitting a report.

Reporting a Violation

If you’re reporting a violation, you may not hear back about necessary action taken. We’ll let you know the issue has been resolved, but may not be able to share much beyond that.

Asking About a Violation

If you received a community guidelines violation on a post or Live, you can DM us to learn more. While we do have a new appeal form, we’ve been working with creators to resolve similar issues for a while. In this instance, we’ll let you know what our technical or moderation team determines and why.

One Final Resource 🫶

Check out our Clapper FAQ to get answers to the most frequently asked questions in our DMs. If this doesn’t solve one of your issues, head to @ClapperCreator or @ClapperAcademy so we can help!