The Road to Verification Pt. 3: Blue Check Verification

In parts one and two, we covered getting verified and Clapper’s Creator verification. Now we want to move onto Blue Check verification – the real reason why y’all are here! Blue Check is Clapper’s second (and currently highest) level of verification. This is reserved for our top creators, or celebrities making the jump to Clapper. In this article, we’ll be diving into the qualifications for Blue Check.

The First Step 🥇

All Clapper creators have to have their Creator verification in order to apply for their Blue Check verification. We do this for a number of reasons. In part, we want all of our hardworking creators to feel valued and recognized, even if they don’t reach Blue Check qualifications. We also have a two-step verification to help prevent stolen content. As we discussed in part one, you have to supply some kind of documentation for Creator verification. This helps us catch fake accounts sooner and keeps them from taking advantage of our community.

The Qualifications ✅

You’ll receive a notification when you’re eligible for verification. The application will be available in your Creator Space, under the “Support” heading. You can submit your application or review the requirements under the “My Verification” heading. When you meet the requirements to apply for verification, a check will appear instead of the x. In order to be eligible for your Blue Check, you’ll need:

  • Creator Verification
  • at least 30k followers
  • at least 10 videos in 30 days
  • at least 5k average video views in the last 30 days
  • be continuously creating original and high-quality videos

The Video Qualifications 📹

A lot of creators ask about original and high-quality content. What does that mean? How do they know if they hit that mark?

Original Videos 🌟

We don’t mean that your content has to be 100% unique, never-been-done-before. Instead, we want these videos to be your own. We want them to showcase your style as a creator, your passions, and your creativity. So if you make fitness content or want to create a cooking series, that’s totally fine. The main thing is that its yours (not stolen or reposted content) and it highlights you.

You can still repost and reshare your content from other platforms, but for Blue Check we want to see that the bulk of your content has been made for your Clapper community.

High-Quality Videos ✨

“High-quality” often makes people think they need a full studio, fancy equipment, or a big budget. That’s not the case! Most creators film videos with their phone, which is fine. The main things we’ll check are:

  • if we can clearly see you. Make sure the video isn’t grainy or blurry, that you’re well lit, and that there’s not a lag between the audio and video. We also suggest making sure your video isn’t shaky or choppy.
  • if we can clearly hear you. Make sure that your audio and any added sound is balanced. If you’re speaking or singing, we want to hear what you’re saying.

Extra Credit 🏆

Be sure you’re engaging with your community frequently! Whether that’s going Live once a week or hosting a Radio, take the time to interact with your community. We want to ensure that creators we give a Blue Check are engaged with our larger community and are dedicated to building their own niche on the app.

How Long Do I Have to Wait? ⏰

If you’re approved for your verification, you should hear back in seven business days. If a week passes and you haven’t heard anything, reach out to @ClapperCreator or @ClapperAcademy. They work with our moderation team to handle all verification questions.

Exceptions 🙋

There are a few exceptions to the Blue Check rules.

  • Celebrities or public figures. We prefer putting them through the regular process, but for security purposes, we will work with the creator to verify their account.
  • Creators who have made significant contributions to the Clapper community can also be granted an early Blue Check.

Clapper has the final right to grant exceptions and make interpretations.

Our Next Stop 🗺️

In our next article, we’ll talk about keeping your verification. In the meantime, check out parts one and two, or visit our Verification 101 article. You can also check out this Creator verification tutorial from @ClapperAcademy.