Clapper Encourages Body Positivity Through New Movement

The Truths About Body Image

Body positivity has evolved greatly in the last twenty years and things that were once the norm have changed drastically. I think is fair to mention that Clapper did not create the #LoveYourBody movement out of thin air. It actually has been here for quite a while. However, we need to acknowledge that even if times have changed and we are now more accepting of our physical appearance, there is still insecurities and judgment in our society. And these two things probably will always exist.

A common misconception people often have is that overweight people are the only ones with body insecurities. This could not be farther from the truth. Did you know that a study proved that 70% of women who have a standard weight still want to be thinner? That same study states that 80% of women are not happy with the way they look, regardless of their weight, in the United States only. For many reading this blog, this information comes as no surprise. So, just for the sake of understanding how important body image is, I’ll add another misconception.

Many also think that body positivity is something to be marketed towards women only. That is incorrect. Men have as many insecurities about their bodies as women do. A Medium article said that 4 of 5 men are insecure about their bodies. Then again, this comes as no surprise.

Body positivity is not targeted to a specific body type, weight, shape, or color. Body positivity is about loving yourself regardless of your body type, weight, shape, or color. We at Clapper encourage everyone to be part of the community. It’s something we keep saying repeatedly. But, aside from showing love to your community, we also want you to show love for yourself. You are completely worth it. If you love your body the way we encourage you to love your community, the positivity would go off the roof.

Having a good relationship with your body takes some time. We at Clapper just want to make sure that you feel this platform is a safe space for you to navigate that difficult journey. We are here for you.

#LoveYourBody On Clapper

When we added the #LoveYourBody hashtag we had no idea that so many amazing creators would take this movement and make it so incredibly inspiring and moving.

Here are a few creators that made #LoveYourBody so much better than we thought.

We are overwhelmed with some of the responses to this hashtag. Now we just want this movement to keep growing. So if you are proud of yourself, your body, and your life please make a video sharing the love and include the hashtag #loveyourbody.

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