How To Grow Your Following Base On Clapper App

Are you posting consistently but you don’t grow your following on Clapper? Do you make engaging content and still get just a few hundred views on your videos? We know how discouraging it is to feel unappreciated. Many experts on content creators tell you to never give up and to keep pushing, but sometimes not getting immediate results can make us want to quit before wasting our time. However, before you start getting discouraged, there are a few things you need to understand.

First, every social media is different. Instagram may have a different focus and algorithm than Twitter or TikTok. What worked for you on TikTok or another platform, may not necessarily work on Clapper. It’s important with any new platform you want to be a part of, that you really get a sense of how the app runs, the demographics, the successful content, etc. Knowing this can give you a better understanding of how to be successful.

When referring to Clapper there are a few things you need to be very aware of. You can have amazing videos, you can post every day, but without engagement from the community, posting good and constant content will not get you very far. We are all about community. Not in many social media apps, you get to talk to their team and make real friendships with so many creators. You want to have more followers? You need to start engaging.

Here are a few tips specifically targeted to Clapper that will help you to grow your following base organically and efficiently:

Do Your Research🔍

Make sure you make a quick run-through on your For You page. You need to see what’s out there, what content is getting a lot of views, comments, likes. Is there a common thread in their videos? Their scheduling? Also, get into some live-streams, radios, see what other people are doing to keep their audience engaged. You must look outwards of your own bubble, to become a better creator and find what works and what doesn’t work for you and your brand.

Reach Out To Top Creators🔝

In other apps, influencers or very popular accounts are most likely to ignore you if you send them a quick DM; not here. Top creators on Clapper want to hear about you and what you are about. Reach out to as many people who align with your values, content or personality and start making connections. This is the best way to grow your community and have the OG creators introduce you to their followers. On Clapper, we want to grow collectively.

Comment, Comment, and Comment!💬

Make sure that when you see a video that you like that you take the time to leave a comment. If you don’t put yourself out there, how are users going to find you? It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day and comment. In return you are most likely to get a follow or some more likes and comments on your own videos.

Make Sure You Reply To Everyone🗣

Just as stated, aside from commenting, you need to reply to everyone. Yes, everyone. Every single person that takes the time to leave a comment on your profile needs to hear back from you. We have found that the more your treat your followers like your family or friends the more your account will grow.

Clapback Is Your Friend👏🏽

Use the Clapback feature to make video replies. You can state your opinion about a topic or even just say what you like or don’t like about their video. Either way, engage in their content. Especially because when their followers see the video’s clapbacks you’ll be among them and it will direct more views your way.

Join The Movements🆕

Take some time to see the trending hashtags. If there are any challenges, be part of them and use the hashtags. Tell other creators to include you in mass collaborations, like Dancing Against Bullies, Love Your Body, or Clapper Pen Pals. It’s a great way to get recognized while doing something good for your community at the same time.

Create a Consistent Schedule🗓

Finally, and without trying to sound like a broken record, be consistent. We still want you to schedule posts and live streams and do it consistently. The more you post a day, the better results you will get. We just want you to go that extra mile and see what a difference it can make to your account. Here is a video from Clapper Academy to help with scheduling your content: