Highlighting Community Guidelines: Types of Enforcement

In this fifth and final part of the Community Guidelines series, we are going to talk about types of enforcement within the Clapper app. As you know, this is an attempt to make community guidelines less format-based and easier to understand. Now that you know all the overreaching principles restrictions (Privacy, violence, explicit content, and illegality), it’s time to know how each violation is approached by our team. By knowing this, you will understand the gravity of each action and there is no confusion when real consequences fall onto your account. Don’t worry, it won’t come to that if you are aware of everything.

Types of Enforcement

For more fairness and transparency, we have two types of enforcement: Enforcement A and Enforcement B. It can’t get more straigtforward than that. It’s either one, or the other.

Enforcement A: Warning, Suspension, Deletion ⚠️

Enforcement A is for minor violations that, honestly, sometimes people do by accident. That doesn’t mean people don’t do these things with malicious intent. We treat these violations for what they are, regardless of how it was intended. However, since we know people make mistakes we give room for improvement. Enforcement A will be divided into three: Warning, suspension, and deletion.

1st-time offense: We give you a warning and remove all content pertaining to the problem.

2nd-time offense: This is the first temporary suspension of your account. It will get suspended for 3 days and that content will be deleted.

3rd-time offense: Temporary suspension of your account for 15 days and – again – removal of content.

Final offense: If you have to reach your 4th warning, there is not much we can do for you. We will delete your account and fully revoking access to the Clapper platform.

Behavior Violations 🕵🏼‍♂️

You will get enforcement A, if you display any of these behaviors:


  • Harassing
  • Threatening
  • Intimidating
  • Predatory or stalking conduct


  • Use another user’s account without authorization from that user
  • Impersonate or post on behalf of any person or entity
  • Send, distribute, or post spam, unsolicited commercial messages


  • Sell, resell, or commercially use Clapper services
  • Copy, reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, or publicly display all or portions of our Services, except we give you permission
  • Modify our Services, remove any proprietary rights notices or markings.

Content Violation🤳🏼

You will get Enforcement A if you post any content that is:

  • libelous
  • defamatory
  • indecent
  • suggestive
  • harassing
  • threatening
  • invasive of privacy
  • Impersonating
  • unsolicited promotions
  • copyrighted content

If you commit any of these violations more than once they will probably result in the deletion of your account. Which leads us to our next enforcement.

Enforcement B: Account Removal🚫

Enforcement B is like the bad cop of this duo. There are no second, third, or fourth chances for this type of enforcement. If you do any of these violations, rest assure your Clapper account will be completely and indefinitely removed.

Behavior Violations🥷🏻

If you did anything on this list, your account might get deleted:

  • If you are under 17 years old.
  • Do anything that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the functioning of Clapper
  • Illegal extraction of data from our service
  • Manipulate or promote our services in any way without consent
  • Ignore instructions contained in our robots.txt file. Robots will rule the world one day, just don’t use them to ruin Clapper.
  • Use our services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose 

Content Violation⛔️

You will get Enforcement B, if you post any content that is:

  • Unlawful
  • Obscene and pornographic
  • Incitement of violence
  • Information that causes harm
  • Content with viruses
  • Corrupted data
  • Instructions for a criminal offense
  • Violation of any local, state, national, or international law; 
  • Violation of copyright

Make sure you review the other articles of this series to know how any specific violation works and try to stay out of trouble Clapper fam.