Clapper Campaigns: A Recap and Introduction

Clapper is all about community. Whether you want to find a community, start your own, or just engage with other users, Clapper’s goal is to help you get there. But we didn’t want to stop at Groupchats, Profile Tags, or an equal opportunity algorithm. Oh no, the team created monthly, in-app events to help creators find each other and forge lasting friendships. Today, we’re talking about Clapper campaigns.

In this article, we’re breaking down some of our favorite campaigns and give you a quick introduction to them. None of them art exactly the same, but this small sampling will give you an idea of the kind of events you can be part of.

What Are Clapper Campaigns? πŸ€”πŸ“±

Campaigns are month-long events hosted in-app by the Clapper team. The goal of these campaigns is to set fun challenges or competitions for creators, celebrate different communities, and help you find new connections from all across the app. And, since they happen each month, we love to celebrate a holiday or 2 when we can!

Campaign activities range from Livestream challenges and video prompts, to Radio shows and dance battles. There’s something for everyone, even if dancing an Irish jig isn’t your cup of tea. Below are some of our recent favorites!

Spooky Fashion Fest πŸ§›πŸŽƒ

For Halloween 2022, the Clapper team hosted our first ever Spooky Fashion Fest. We went Live (on Halloween!) and PK Battled with creators in their best Halloween costumes. Creators had 5 minutes to show off their catwalk, do a little dance, or tell us more about their outfits. Viewers helped select our winners, and even picked the costumes the Clapper team wore to the event.

This was just one of our Halloween 2022 campaigns! We also hosted a #TrickorStream, where creators would complete a spooky challenge when gifted a dice in Livestream. You can read more about our Halloween 2022 campaigns here.

Holiday Bazaar πŸŽ„πŸ›οΈ

Holiday Bazaar is one of our most popular campaigns. Hosted in December, we created this campaign to mimic a holiday market and highlight small-businesses on our app. This virtual market lasted 5 days in 2022 and featured 14 Clapper Shop owners.Β  These creators went Live for an hour each day and showed off their favorite items, offered special discounts, or even unveiled exclusive products. The entire event capped off with a live-auction, where items from each shop were raffled off in a Clapper Livestream.

And what would a holiday/Christmas event be without a little giving back? In 2022, Clapper partnered up with the North Texas Food Bank and donated our earnings from shop sales (5%) and 100% of our auction earnings to them. We also had some amazing creators sending in money to donate directly to the NTFB and others opening donation listing in their own shops. By the end of the week, Clapper was able to donate $949.54 (or 2850 meals) to the NTFB.

Talk about a great way to end the year! You can read more about the Holiday Bazaar here.

Rocktoberfest πŸ»πŸ”

Rocktoberfest is Clapper’s biggest campaign and a (less than) subtle nod to Oktoberfest in Germany. It’s a little different every year, but the highlight is always the Stein Holding. During our Stein Holding Tournament, 16 participants PK Battle to see who can hold a full stein of beer the longest. The winner from each round advances to the next until our two best Stein Holders go to head to head in a final PK Battle. During every round, we kept track of which creator was the top gifter and gave them a special prize, too!

In 2022, we had an additional Chicken Dance Tournament, where creators PK Battled to see who had the better Chicken Dance. A users advanced from each round until we had our winner. The year before we had beer maids creating content, asking viewers how they’d tip their beer maids.

A special perk of the Stein Holding Tournament? There’s a whole stein of beer waiting to be drunk whether or not you win. That’s reason enough to celebrate! To read more about Rocktoberfest, check out this year’s recap.

Streams of LOVE πŸ’•πŸ’Ž

Streams of LOVE is just one of our Stream to Earn campaigns, where creators can earn an extra bonus just by going Live. The rules are simple: anyone who goes Live during a certain timeframe can increase their Livestream earnings by 30%. That’s it! We host these regularly in-app to help creators make a little extra money and get comfortable going Live. Learn more about Streams of LOVE and other Stream to Earn campaigns here.

How Do I Get Involved? πŸ™‹πŸ“Ί

Most of our campaigns will have multiple ways for creators to be involved. For competitions like Stein Holding and the Spooky Fashion Fest, @ClapperCreator will share a quick application for creators to submit. For Holiday Bazaar, creators will submit an application, have a quick meeting with the Clapper team if selected, and go Live at their specific times.

If you want to be part of a video challenge, all you have to do is use a specific hashtag and do whatever the prompt asks. For our #DoTheJig challenge, creators were asked to dance an Irish jig and use the hashtag #DoTheJig. The winners got 1,000 Clapper coins!

You can always find the rules for every campaign on @ClapperCreator. We will always post a video letting you know what’s happening, how to get involved, and what the rules are. Be sure to follow them to stay up to date on all things Clapper! You’ll also find articles highlighting upcoming campaigns and how to get involved on our blog.

What’s Coming Up? πŸ§‘πŸ“£

While we can’t reveal all of our secrets just yet, rest assured we’ve got some exciting campaigns in the works. And, luckily, it’s a mix of everything we have to offer. May will be our Mental Health Awareness campaign, where we’ll team up with creators to host Livestreams and share self-care tips, break down mental health, and learn more about how we can better take care of ourselves. We can’t forget about the mama’s and the papa’s either, or those that served our country. And those that serve, if you get my meaning. πŸ˜‰

Like we said before, to stay up to date on our campaigns and learn how to be involved, follow @ClapperCreator.

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